We help startup founders become scale ready CEOs


Startup founders who want to become company CEOs know that
what got them this far won’t get them to the next level.

Climbworks helps you get there with experts who’ve been there and done it.
This means less stress, less time wasted and a faster transition to building a professional, high growth business.



  • It has validated product-market fit and is ready to focus on revenue growth

  • It has an increasingly profitable business model

  • It is focused on reaching beyond early adopters

  • It has transitioned from product focus to brand storytelling

  • It’s moved from sprints to reliable systems

  • It is professionally managed

  • It has a culture that delivers

Making these shifts is challenging and even scary for many founders. It’s a gear shift that can cause friction and burn up valuable resources. Climbworks helps you navigate these challenges successfully.

What we do

Unlike most advisors or consultants we WORK with you to bridge the gap between startup and scaleup across several key areas:

  1. Revenue: We will build a revenue growth engine backed by a compelling brand that is ready to go the distance as you expand into new markets and products.

  2. Profit: We will show you where you are profitable and how to spend it intelligently.

  3. Operations: We will build reliable operations and marketing channels

  4. Team: We will help you build a professional management team and coach them until they are ready to replace us.

  5. Culture: We will help you build a dynamic company culture focused on execution

How do we work?

We join you as part-time, interim executive directors. We identify the key steps towards scale up success and then implement professional, systemised approaches that help you consistently deliver them. We wrap that up in a culture of execution and help you build & develop your management team. Once you have achieved scale readiness and we’ve helped you find our replacements we say goodbye.

We provide you with:

A world class Marketing Director who will work with you to:

  • clarify your value proposition

  • define the customer segments you need to target to grow

  • establish a clear competitive positioning for your brand, products and services

  • develop a dynamic communications plan to acquire customers fast & efficiently

  • create ongoing customer development feedback

  • monitor performance to enable agile decision making

  • embed a culture of challenge & creative thinking to consistently deliver fresh ideas

The express aim is to accelerate your ability to acquire customers efficiently whilst carving out a market position that you can own

A Strategic CFO/COO who will work with you to:

  • ensure your unit economics, including your revenue model, are ready to scale profitably

  • Build a financial dashboard to help you understand and manage your profitability as you scale and make intelligent decisions as to where to invest your limited resources

  • Build systems to harness the power of your people and capabilities

Our focus is on optimising how you use available resources in order to drive profitability which you can use to invest further in the business

Together we also help you:

  • Build a system of Objectives and Key Results to make sure everyone is focused on the right priorities

  • Coach and train your team to make them scale ready

  • Recruit your management team

  • If necessary use our network to form bespoke teams to help you take on specific challenges

Here are just 3 examples of how we most often help growing businesses  

Financial: build a dashboard to show you where the money is

You achieved product-market fit but now need to develop a thorough understanding of your unit economics and customer acquisition costs, so you can make intelligent decisions about where to invest your limited resources.


The most efficient way to accelerate growth and reduce customer acquisition costs is to develop a clear and consistent brand position that your market finds immediately compelling, express it creatively and efficiently whilst backing it up with a company culture that delivers the brand’s promise.


As any business scales it’s important that efficiency improves and ultimately, it’s the job of process design & systems infrastructure to deliver BUT without forgetting that your people remain a critical component. 

For a more detailed look at how we work click here

Why us?

We simply love helping ambitious founders develop their management & leadership expertise.  We do not believe we can do this unless we’re embedded in your business. For us it’s vital that we roll our sleeves up and work alongside you as you evolve your growth strategy under rapidly changing, uncertain conditions.  We’re also keen learners ourselves and we make sure that we research the latest thinking on how to grow successful businesses.


We have a minimum engagement period of 6 months. We don’t believe we can really make a difference if we engage with you for less time. In that period we would expect to spend approximately 50 days working in or on your business.
We recognise that your cash is limited so we are open to designing a fee structure based on an agreed combination of cash fee, performance-based fees and even equity to fit your circumstances. We’re open to suggestions.  


Want to work with us?